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A letter from Great-grandpa William Green Bickley dated June 1917

Dear family: Here is a copy of a letter from Great-grandpa William Green Bickley, to his family. It was on the CD where the other stories are. Just thought you might enjoy reading it. Have a wonderful day. Love Uncle Jim

A copy of letter to May Nelson from Wm. G. Bickley

Beaver, Utah, June 1917

Mrs. May (Bickley) Nelson, Draper, Utah

Dear May and all the rest who are at home,

It seems a long time between letters, so I must do my bit to shorten it. After so long a silence it seems pleasant to sit down to drop you a line, which we trust will find you all at home well and happy, as we report ourselves to be, but how dear mother can be so contented under her condition of lameness is more than human, as she moves about with the greatest difficulty, and must suffer much. But she has the same contented feeling, she has always had and sits in her corner in the store, and one would think she was the essence of good health, and enjoyment; it is a pity something cannot be done to relieve her, and make life tolerable. It is a good thing that it is my privilege to assist her to the best of my ability, and I am sure it is a pleasure to me to do all I can for her, and the best that can be done for her is not good enough in consideration of her noble life.

We hope you understood the cause for our failure to do ourselves the pleasure of our usual visit at the present time, but we thought it would be nice to have a change, and come at the trip in October, as it is several years since we were there in the fall, but assure you it is not our intention to disappoint you, as we shall certainly be with you in October if all goes well. Perhaps Bessie has written you, and informed you of the very nice visit, the profitable time we had with the Delta Choir, as with an effort which was a source of supreme pleasure to me, we realized a nice sum as an initial payment on the proposed new organ and it is the present intention to do another bit next winter looking to the same end.

We hope conditions are as well with you at Draper as they are here, as everything is flourishing, and promising, there is no doubt but the absence of the boys at their work makes conditions harder for Joseph but it is well to give them a chance, and let them in their young years learn the value of self reliance, as it will give them strength for their future battle with life. Also dear Olivia what a fine thing it is that she takes such a grand view of the need of effort, and a determination to succeed. God bless them all, and when you write to them, kindly tell them that they are not forgotten by us. Idonna is no doubt taking full advantage to study her music, without the trouble of school study, and I hope she will make every effort to become proficient as it will add to her advantage in the future, and our dear little Jane, how she must be growing and what a story she will have for us when we come up to your place.

We certainly trust that the great exaction Joseph has to meet, during his severe labors on his farm, will not prove harmful to him, but that he will keep well during the trying severe hot weather, and the results from the farm will meet his highest ambition; and yourself, dear May, we trust you are in every (way) able to meet the duties inherent to your household cares, are not overdone. Now at your earliest convenience, a letter from you will be gladly received telling us of your triumphs, and all the good things coming your way.

Praying, as we do daily for your continued health and full success in your lives, and trusting the divine hand will guide you in peace and joy, with the assurance that we often think of you, with the kindliest thoughts, we remain with love to all,

your affectionate parents,

William G. and Jane W. Bickley

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