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Genealogy Research - The Hess Family

Dear friends and family: This morning in looking through my mother's file cabinet, I found an article which she copied from a sheet she got from the Hess Family Organization which she had in the file under John W. Hess, who is a brother of Ann Elizabeth Hess, our ancestor, who married Samuel Keele on the 27th of March 1847, who are my dad, James Horald Lee's great grandparents, and would therefore be my great-great-grandparents. It sure makes one appreciate our religious freedom which we so enjoy here in America. Have a wonderful day. Jim
The Hess Family
We find in the beginning of our genealogy that Samuel Hess, the first settler of our descendants was from Zurich, Switzerland, and is supposed through information of history that this same Samuel Hess was an offspring of Hans Jacob Hess, who endured persecution in Zurich, Switzerland in the year of 1639. We find in the English martyr's book on page 1056, that Hans Jacob Hess with his wife, A. D. 1639, were among those who suffered persecution in Switzerland. There was Hans Jacob Hess, a chosen and confirmed minister of the Christian church. He being imprisoned twice before, the first time being in the year 1637. Some say he was imprisoned in the convent Othenbach; others in the dungeons, and still others in the prisons, etc., but evidently, it was in Othenbach, a famous prison in Zurich, but the Lord beyond all expectations had remarkedly delivered him through the aid of those that were imprisoned with him, as also out of the third imprisonment. The first lasted nineteen days; the second, eight weeks; the third eighty three (weeks) or more than a year and a half.
But in the meantime his wife was made very bitter and vexatious for he was stripped and together were put in iron bonds sixteen weeks, for which he nevertheless patiently bore with a steadfast mind unto his deliverance.
While this was taking place, namely in the same year, his wife was also apprehended who was first imprisoned in the Council House, and then in Othenbach, where through bad treatment and unfit food and drink for sixty three weeks, she was so impaired in her consumption, and after much suffering and misery, died in prison.
The property of said H. J. Hess was seized by the authorities who realized from the sale of it 4000 guilders without restoring anything of it to those who remained. A great injustice. How will they be able to account for this before the righteous Judge, seat of Jesus Christ?
Genealogy of the Hess family by John H. Hess. Letitz, Pa. 1896. Pages 241 and 242.
In the year 1712 a Swiss colony came to America and among them was Samuel Hess. The same settled in Pequea, Pa., and had a large family. He was the first Hess of our generation in America.
Hans, or John Hess, was a son of the first Samuel Hess, who came from Switzerland to America in the year of 1712, and settled at Pequeia, Pa. This same John resided in Pequeia township, where he died in 1734, and was interred in the old graveyard near Baumgardner's Station, on the Lancaster and Quarryville Railroad. His wife Magdalena was born in 1685. She is interred at the same place, alongside her husband. Their union was blessed with eight children.
In 1734 one of his sons, namely, Jacob, of the second generation, took up a tract of land, 200 acres, one mile east of Lititz, now called Warwick Township, Lancaster Co., Pa. One part of it is now occupied by Reverand Jonas H. Hess. (Written in 1896.)
The Hess Family
31 July 2006
My daddy, James H. Lee was born in 1902,
In Sunnyside, Nye, Nevada, and chose God's will to do,
By living Gospel principles, just as his parents did,
Because of religious freedom, since he was just a kid.
His father was John Raymond Lee, a man of high esteem,
His mother was Annie Eliza Keele, who fulfilled her husband's dream,
And bore him ten children, then died in 1921,
When my daddy was just 19, and was proud to be their son.
Her father's name was David Keele, her mother was Eliza Jane Geary,
And they were happily married, though sometimes life was dreary,
And David Keele's father was named Samuel Keele,
His mother, Annie Elizabeth Hess, knew their love was real.
Samuel Keele's father was Richard John Keele,
Who lived here in America to get a better deal,
His wife, Elizabeth McCullough, loved her husband, John,
Who was our great-great-grandma, whose story still lives on.
And what about David and Annie, her father, Jacob Hess,
Married Elizabeth Foutz, and his own life did bless,
With children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, too,
And even great-great-grandchildren, who number quite a few.
Jacob Hess's father, was John Hess, up the line,
Who married Catherine, and made the living fine,
And so goes the genealogy of Jim and Jennie Lee,
The parents of 11 children, including you and me.
And I am glad to be a part of the Hess family tree,
And glad to be the son of Jim and Jennie Lee,
And love and appreciate the sacrifices made,
By faithful, noble pioneers who honored and obeyed
Our Father's blest commandments, in spite of trials and tears,
And obstacles they had to face through all their days and years,
To pass on the traditions, and faith in God above,
To we, their true descendents, and best of all, their love.
Love for religeous freedom, which they sought for faithfully,
And some came to America, this land of liberty,
To worship God and Christ, the Lord, without persecution,
Which many fought and died for, and some faced execution.
But today, because of what they did, America stands free,
Free from chains of bondage, 'tis our sweet liberty,
And I for one, thank God above, for ancestors, brave and true,
Who loved this land of liberty, and our Red, White and Blue.
May God bless America, and keep this nation free,
So our children and grandchildren may know true liberty,
And help to keep this nation, one nation under God,
Divinely inspired by His Word, The Iron Rod.
"The Iron Rod is the Word of God, 'Twill safely guide us through,"
To new and bright tomorrows, as long as we pursue
The dreams and hopes and longings of our forefathers here,
And worship Jesus Christ, the Lord, who to my heart is dear.
May we do so I humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
James Horald Lee Jr.
Son of James Horald Lee and Jennie May Woodbury Lee,
Descendents of the Lee, Keele, Hess and Woodbury family lines

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