Monday, March 14, 2011

Both Blaine and Dad in Heaven

Dear family: Good morning! When I awoke this morning, I kept thinking I needed to go through some of mom's things, and started reading some of her journals, and found this poem which she wrote on the 4th of January 1985, and decided I wanted to share it with you. Have a wonderful day, and know that what she has shared with us is true. Love Jim
Both Blaine and Dad in Heaven
4 January 1985
Written by Jennie May Woodbury Lee
Both Blaine and Dad in Heaven,
Are anxious for this to be,
And they are watching over us,
And will eternally.
They love each and everyone of us,
And though they're so busy,
Preaching the Gospel over there,
They still love you and me.
They want us to have the very best,
The best of our history,
They love to do genealogy,
And want us to all be free.
They are so anxious for us to do good,
So anxious for me and you,
For they know how important it is
To have all our records true.
Even though we were on our mission,
And doing God's work you see,
He had more important work for him,
So He took him from you and me.
But we are all still together,
Although him we cannot see,
But he knows what we are doing,
Wherever we may be.
Oh some day we will meet him,
And be together eternally,
And then how happy we will be
That we did our history.
Whoever Patriarch Charles R. Woodbury administered to,
He wrote it down in a book,
And when he wanted to know about them,
He could just go and look.
And when we'd come to visit him,
He'd tell us about it, you see,
And so from that experience,
A great idea came to me.
So we asked him to let us have the tape running,
Sitting on the floor,
So when he started to tell all the faith promoting things,
We could listen more.
And then we got them put in a book
So that you could read them, too,
But he wanted you to hear them,
About his experiences true.
Those histories are so important,
Important to me and you,
We should be keeping journals,
Yes, keeping our journals true.
He had a rare and precious gift,
The gift of healing, you see,
And what the Lord inspired him to say,
He knew that it could be,
If you also had the right kind of faith
To be administered to,
For sick or halt or blind or deaf,
The Lord can heal all of you.
Oh some day you will meet him,
And he will say to you,
"Did you hear my testimonies
About my experiences true,
How people of great faith came to me,
Seeking God's blessings under my hands,"
He wouldn't take any of the credit,
But said, "Give it all to the Lord,"
For whatever I told them of myself,
I know could never, never come true,
But what the Lord inspired me to say,
As long as you have plenty of faith, and keep all your promises true."
Then I got him to let me tape
What he was telling us,
For all of his descendants to listen to,
In his own, very own voice.
So many people come to tell us
Of mother and daddy, too,
How they had done so much for them,
And of their callings true.
For he was a Patriarch strong and true,
And she, his scribe, you see,
And whatever he was inspired to say,
She knew that it could be.
He would never tell them anything,
Unless the Lord inspired him to,
So when they received the blessings,
They had hoped would all come true,
They were so very thankful,
They would write to him or come,
And tell to him all about the blessings,
The Lord had given them.
Then when we would come to visit them
From Emmett, Idaho,
They would start in telling us
How the Lord had inspired him so,
How so many people came to him
To be administered to,
For deaf or blind or sick or lame,
The Lord can heal all of you.
Oh, Someday you will meet him,
And he will say to you,
"Did you hear all of those recordings,
And read my records, too,
About how people of great faith came to me,
Seeking God's blessings at my hand, too,
For they knew if they had enough faith,
The blessings would all come true."
We need one page of your history,
One page of your family group sheet,
But we'll allow you three pages,
To write all your history neat.
"These histories are so important!"
Important things Grandpa Woodbury did,
He wrote it down in a book,
And now when we want to know about him,
All we have to do is look.
It's really fantastic, the things that he did,
We know the Lord inspired him so,
You all have the Charles R. Woodbury book,
And the things he wanted you to know.
It is so very wonderful
To have his history true,
And you should all be reading that book,
And your children, too.
I need to get more records done,
And get some more to you,
For they are so important,
Which I testify are true.
Jennie May Woodbury Lee,
Daughter of Charles R. Woodbury and Agnes Isadore Bickley Woodbury

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