Sunday, March 13, 2011

Jennie May Woodbury Lee

To My Descendents
22 October 2004
I'm sending you this message so you may understand,
I love you, and I pray that you will heed the Lord's command,
And strive to live the gospel each day, your whole life through,
Just as we, your ancestors, strove each day to do.
I truly wore my life out in service to the Lord,
So those who've gone before me, might gain a rich reward,
And have the temple blessings which you and I received
As Father's sons and daughters, who listened and believed.
I raised eleven children, and taught them in their youth,
The glorious gospel principles, reflecting light and truth,
Which I received from parents, and grandparents on earth,
To help me gain salvation, and great eternal worth.
Because I loved my family, and loved the Savior, too,
I lived my life exemplifying what I knew was true,
So you, my dear posterity, would know how much I cared,
And know I tried to live my life, through all that I have shared,
That Jesus is my light, my life, my comfort and my stay,
My Savior and my dearest friend, whose love I did convey,
In all the things I tried to do, and how I lived my life,
As a daughter of my parents, and dad's eternal wife.
I shared my testimony of what I knew was true,
With you, my sons and daughters, and my posterity, too,
Not only through my words and deeds, but how I lived each day,
In hopes that you would know and feel the love I did convey.
My life on earth is over, but you must carry on
The work I left for you to do, e're comes the Millennial Dawn,
For there are many, many more whose work I couldn't do,
But you, my own posterity, may righteously pursue,
The work I had to leave undone, so you and I may be
Together in Celestial realms with our ancestry,
And also our posterity, and all God's children dear,
Together as a family, in God's Celestial sphere.
Remember that I love you, and I want you to be
Heirs to life eternal, as our posterity,
Because I love you very much, and pray for you each day,
That you will live the gospel, and all God's laws obey.
For only then will will we be one, and share eternal joy
Together as a family, with every girl and boy,
And live with God, our Father, and His Eternal Son,
And all our dear ancestors, because their work we've done.
All my love
Your mother, grandmother and great-grandmother,
Jennie May Woodbury Lee
As recorded by James Horald Lee, Jr.

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