Sunday, March 13, 2011

About Dad

Dear friends and family: Good morning! I've been thinking lately that I should share some poems I have written through the years about my dad, James Horald Lee, which I never got to share with him when he was alive. He passed away in 1976 of cancer, at the age of 74, but his legacy lives on in the hearts of you and me, his children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and his posterity which number quite a few.
Dad was a hard worker, who loved his family very much, and also loved the Lord, and served Him to the very end of his life, and continues to serve Him in heaven, where he and my older brother, Blaine are sharing the gospel with our ancestors, and doing all they can to help further the work of the Lord there, and hoping and praying that you and I will be worthy to join them someday when our mission and life are over. And here I am, weeping uncontrollably, as I ponder the things I will be sharing with you in the next little while, and realizing how many times I have fallen short of their expectations of me, one of their 11 children.
Here is the first one in the little book of poems I published back in 1988 about my dad, James Horald Lee. Have a wonderful day, and know that you are loved. Your friend and brother. Jim
Daddy, Are You there?
I wish daddy were alive
So I could share my heart
To let him know the way I feel
About the loving part
He played when he was living,
While being a good friend,
A man who lived the way he taught
Right to the very end.
I have my own heart treasure
Of memories of dad,
And things my own eyes witnessed
When I was just a lad,
Of special days and special ways
He shared his love with me,
To bless my home, my heart, my life,
And my own family.
May God, who knows my daddy,
Please help me do my part
To live the way my daddy did,
So I may share my heart
With daddy, up in heaven,
And be his loving son,
Just like my elder brother,
A great and noble one.
James Horald Lee Jr.
Heart Thoughts by Jim
James Horald Lee, father, grandfather and great grandfather

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