Monday, March 14, 2011

Blaine Nelson Lee

Dear Family: Tomorrow, the 12th of September, back in 1923, Blaine Nelson Lee, our elder brother, came to earth to join mom and dad, and to be the firstborn of 11 children, and our big brother, who loved the Lord with all his heart, might mind and strength, and lived the gospel, and brought his parents much joy and happiness. And when he grew up and joined the Army, and married Thelma Marie Woods, his greatest desire was to be worthy of being her sweetheart and companion for all eternity, that's why they were married in the Temple for time and all eternity, and so their dear children would be theirs forever and ever in the Celestial kingdom.
Blaine served in the United States Army, and was a lieutenant with many men in his command, and he was loved and respected by them all, because he lived the gospel of Jesus Christ, and lived its principles daily. He also loved his dear wife and children, Andrea Marie, Blaine Nelson Jr., and Grant Nolan Lee, and his yet unborn son, Roland, and was looking forward to a life of service to mankind, just as he had done since his birth in 1923.
As I awoke this morning, and pondered the wonderful life he lived, and all that he accomplished in just a few short years from 1923 to 1948, and the many lives he touched during his lifetime, I decided I needed to put down on paper, the feelings of my heart in honor of our elder brother, Blaine Nelson Lee, on this, his would have been 83rd birthday, had Heavenly Father not called him home in the very prime of his life, leaving behind his dearest wife and little family whom he loved with all his heart and soul. And at this moment, my cheeks are flooded with tears as I reflect on his life and memory, and ponder the day when I shall meet him again in the realms of heaven, where he and mom and dad and Rex are helping our noble ancestors to come to know and love the Lord, and all He did to bless them while He was here on earth, just as we should do, for we all are brothers and sisters of Jesus Christ, whom He has asked to follow Him. May we do so I humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. Your loving brother. Jim Lee
Blaine Nelson Lee
12 September 1923 - 12 September 2006
Blaine Nelson Lee was the first of eleven here,
Born to Jim and Jennie Lee, who to our hearts is dear,
The first to leave Heavenly Father, to be their son on earth,
To set a good example, a child of mortal birth.
He came to earth forgetting his heavenly dwelling place,
And all he knew and loved there, through Father's love and grace,
To bring his parents happiness, and share his love each day,
With parents and grandparents, God wanted it that way.
He was our big brother, the first one of eleven,
Then one by one we came to earth, from the glorious realms of heaven,
To join him and our parents, and friends and family,
So we could gain experience on the Lee Family Tree.
We grew to love each other, just as we did there,
And learned things from each other, which we were glad to share,
With children, friends and family, when it became our turn,
To be like mom and dad here, for which our hearts did yearn.
Then Blaine, our elder brother, was taken back to heaven,
To carry on his mission there, the first one of eleven,
Leaving behind his dear wife, and dear sweet children here,
Whom he loved with all his heart, who were so very dear.
And in the realms of glory, he's sharing Father's plan,
With all our dear ancestors, who belong to the Lee clan,
And also with their children, and their grandchildren, too,
Just as Annie Eliza Keele wanted him to do.
She was our grandmother, and daddy's mother here,
Who needed him to help her to share with loved ones dear,
His love and testimony of Jesus Christ, the Lord,
Which he had shared with others here, while living in accord
With what his parents taught him, and what he chose to do,
Living Gospel principles, and striving to be true,
True to the faith that our parents have cherished,
True to the truths for which martyrs had perished.
He loved our Heavenly Father, and loved the Savior, too,
And loved his wife and family, as all good husbands do,
And wanted more than life itself, to be all he could be,
Not only for this lifetime, but for eternity.
And in eternal mansions, he's doing what he can,
To cheer and bless and gladden, and help ennoble man,
So we may be together when life for us is through,
Helping Blaine and others, God's noble work to do.
God help us here to live good lives, so one day we may be
With Blaine and also Mom and Dad, and our brother, Rex Lee,
Whom Heavenly Father's taken home to carry on His work,
And share their love for all mankind, a work they didn't shirk.
And may we share with others here, the glorious gospel plan,
Restored in these, the latter days, to help ennoble man,
Just as Jesus asked us, while here on earth to do,
Because it's Heavenly Father's work, He's asked us to pursue.
May we do so, I humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen
Your friend and brother.
James Horald Lee Jr., son of James Horald Lee and Jennie May Woodbury Lee,
And younger brother of Blaine Nelson Lee, and grandson of John Raymond Lee
And Annie Eliza Keele, who died before my birth, on 22 September, 1921 in Delta,
Millard County, Utah.

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