Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dear friends and family: Just a reminder about the Lee – Bickley family reunion this Thursday through Saturday.

 Please come and join us and get acquainted with your relatives and friends, and have a great time.   Breakfast is served daily and any other meals are each family’s responsibility.  There will be an auction held to recover the costs incurred by Helen Warner and others who have spearheaded this reunion.  Please bring things you would like to contribute to the cause.  Hope to see you there, and be sure to bring stories of your ancestors and any other things you have pertaining to either the Lee family or the Bickley family which you would like to share.   Hope to see you there at the SugarhousePark located on 2100 South and about 1400 East at the Beet Diggers Pavilion.  Bring your cameras so you can take pictures, too.   Love    Jim Lee, son of James H. Lee and Jennie May WoodburyLee, and grandson of Patriarch Charles R. Woodbury and Agnes Isadore Bickley Woodbury, and husband to Betty Louise Kendall Lee, daughter of Lawrence Mark Kendall and Iola Weber Kendall since 10 June 1953, and loving it.  

The Lee - Bickley Family Reunion
14 -16 July 2011

The Lee - Bickley family reunion is happening today,
When loved ones here have gathered from near and far away,
To cheer and bless and gladden, and renew friendships, too,
While having fun together, as families ought to do.

For life is quick in passing, ‘tis as a single day,
And Heavenly Father’s sent us here, in hopes we will obey
His teachings and commandments, while helping each other be
The kind of children He would want with Him eternally.

He wants us to return to Him and our Heavenly Mother, too,
To help build up His Kingdom, and there His work pursue,
But that can only happen if we pursue it here,
By sharing love, unmeasured, with friends and loved ones dear,

And with extended families, and brothers and sisters, too,
Not just at reunions, but each day, our whole life through,
And with Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, and parents and grandparents here,
Who love us, and have loved us, and want us to be near,

Not only for this lifetime, but for eternity,
Just as our Heavenly Parents do, as one great family,
So in that great reunion, beyond this earthly sphere,
We may be together with friends and loved ones dear,
And also with our parents, and grandparents, too,
And with all our noble ancestors who chose God’s will to do.

Oh may we share our lovelight with one another here,
To cheer and bless and gladden, with every passing year,
Our loving friends and families, our brothers and sisters, too,
And Aunts and Uncles and Cousins, as we life’s joys pursue,
And strengthen one another, that one day we may be
United as one great family for all eternity.

For this I humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

Your friend and brother

Jim Lee

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