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Edwards Family origin, the Lee family 5th great-grandparents


The family of Edwards, descended from the ancient Welsh king of Porysland. The first to assume the name was Robert ap Edward ap Thomas ap Lewelyn, lineally descended from Elnor Efell, Lord of Cynlaeth. He married Ann, the daughter and heir of Robert Ryffinand was succeedded by his son John who purchased Ness Strange Salop. One branch settled in Virginia, coming from Cardiff, Wales, where an old castle, Edwards Hall, is still to be seen.

Ancestral Portraits and Records vol. 1, p. 312
Also Virginia Carolorum; Virginia Mag. V.5, p. 185; Wm. And Mary Quart v.3, p. 123.

According to mom's chart our earliest Edwards family shows up as our 5th great-grandparents, Mr. Edwards born about 1722, and Mrs. Edwards, born about 1724. Among their children was John Edwards, born about 1748, who married Elizabeth, born about 1750, among whose children was Mary Elizabeth Edwards, born 6 February, 1780 in Essex, Essex Co. N. J. who died 20 June 1859 in Ind. She married Jacob Johnson who was born 2 March 1777 in Morristown, N. J. Married in 1802, and died 16 July 1875 in Panaca, NV.

Jacob Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Edwards were the parents of Jane Vail Johnson who was born 30 September 1815 at Morris, Morristown, N. J., and died 10 July 1875 in Panaca, Lincoln, Nevada. She married Francis Lee, who was born 26 June 1811 at Wellington, Clinton Co., Ohio, who married Jane Vail Johnson 24 Oct 1835 in Nauvoo, Hancock Co., Ill, and died 18 July 1866 in Panaca, Lincoln Co., Nevada.

They were the parents of John Nelson Lee who was born 17 November 1842 in Payson, Adams Co., Illinois, who married Melissa Kesiah Rollins 30 December 1868 in Minersville, Beaver Co., Utah, who was born 13 July 1851 at Cajon Pass, San Bernardino Co., California. John died 21 July 1914 at Panaca, Lincoln Co., Nevada, and she died 1 September 1949 in Caliente, Lincoln Co., Nevada.

They were the parents of John Raymond Lee who was born 28 August 1877 at Minersville, Beaver Co., Utah, and married Annie Eliza Keele 22 April 1896, who was born 14 March 1881 in Panaca, Lincoln Co., Nevada. He died 19 July 1963 in Tooele, Tooele Co., Utah, and she died 22 September 1921 in Delta, Millard Co., Utah.

They were the parents of James Horald Lee who was born 14 July 1902 in Sunnyside, Nye Co., Nevada, who married Jennie May Woodbury on 16 November 1922 in the temple in Salt Lake City, SL Co., Utah. He died 24 March 1976 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and she died 8 September 1998 at the age of 95 plus years in Salt Lake City, Utah, leaving behind over 200 descendents. She was the daughter of Charles Robert Goddard Woodbury, who was born 31 January 1876 in St. George, Washington Co. Utah, who married Agnes Isadore Bickley 3 May 1898 in St. George, Washington Co. Utah. Grandpa Woodbury died 15 October 1963 at Delta, Millard Co. Utah, and his beloved wife, and our dear grandma, preceded him in death on 13 March 1962 in Spanish Fork, Utah.

James Horald Lee and Jennie May Woodbury Lee were the parents of 11 children as follows:

BLAINE NELSON LEE, born 12 September 1923, in Hinckley, Millard Co. Utah, died 18 Jul 48 in Emmett, Idaho, as a result of being struck by a pickup truck while in the process of replacing a rear tire on our old Model A Ford truck, assisted by dad, who was kneeling beside him.  Blaine died while in a coma in the Emmett Hospital Sunday afternoon and was buried in the cemetery in Emmett, Idaho.  His beloved wife, Thelma Marie Woods Lee, with her three young children, Andrea, Blaine Jr. and Grant were in their car across the street and witnessed it all.  This was late at night when it was dark.  At the time Thelma was expecting her fourth child, Roland Loren.  They were living out on the Black Canyon project, and had been clearing land for planting crops, and were bringing our tractor home after a day's work.  When mom went in to tell dad that Blaine had died, he already knew it, as his mother, Annie Eliza Keele had made it known unto him that she had come for Blaine, and that he was to head up the missionary efforts among our ancestors in the Spirit World.   This was confirmed by Grandpa Woodbury in a blessing given to Blaine's wife, Thelma, before Blaine's funeral.   We all rejoiced that he was allowed to live on earth as long as he did, so he could establish his family, and do the things Heavenly Father had sent him here to do.   Blaine had served in the United States Army as a Lieutenant, and was loved and respected by his men, many who had been killed during the 2nd world war, and were waiting in heaven for him to come and share the gospel with them as well.   He lived great and he died great, and accomplished much in just 24 years of life.  And he left behind a legacy of love for his posterity, whom he dearly loved.   Thelma later married Elwyn Earle Reeder and had three more children. Lu Anne Marie, Marsha Elizabeth, and Lorin "E" Reeder.  They've been married over 50 years now.  (written by James Horald Lee Jr., 18 March 2007)  
FAROL LEE, born 31 March 1925 in McGill, White Pines Co., Nevada
IRENE LEE, born 29 July 1926 in McGill, Whites Pines Co., Nevada
RUBY REY LEE, born 29 January 1929 in Los Angeles, LA Co. California
JENNIE MAY LEE, born 11 March 1930 in Barstow, San Bernardino Co., California
JAMES HORALD LEE JR., born 31 December 1932 in Culver City, LA Co. California
RALPH LEROY LEE, born 27 December, 1936 in Oceanside, San Diego Co., California
HELEN LEE, born 6 November 1939, in Baldwin Park, LA Co. California
CHARLES RAYMON LEE, born 3 January 1942 in Baldwin Park, LA Co. California
SHARON AGNES LEE, born 4 October, 1943 In American Fork, Utah Co. Utah
REX MILTON LEE, born 30 May 1945 in American Fork, Utah Co. Utah, died 23 June 2006 in Pocatello, Idaho, while riding his bike at 5:OO AM preparing for the Multiple Sclerosis Marathon to take place in Pocatello, of which he had participated for 4 years to help raise money for research.  He was hit by a drunk driver and killed instantly.  He left behind his beloved sweetheart, Ina Marie Dilworth, and seven beautiful children as well as a number of grandchildren whom he dearly loved.   Rex was always doing things for others, and was the neighborhood fix it man, and loved to fix things for the neighborhood children and also play with them.  Often they would come to the door and ask Ina if Rex could play.   He was a lot like Grandpa Woodbury who was always doing things for others, and had a whole shed full of bike parts so he could fix his little friends' bikes and toys, and everyone loved him.  His dear family loved him very much.   (Written by James Horald Lee Jr., 18 March 2007.)

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