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Fitz Randolph Family history


The Fitz Randolph’s trace their origin to Randolph, Duke of Westmoreland, who died 1524. He had six sons the fifth being Randolph who died 1565. His son Christopher, married Jean or Joan, daughter of Cuthbert Langton. They had four sons, the second being Edward who died 1614 and who was found rightfully bearing the Fitz Randolph arms. His son, Edward, emigrated to America about 1629 or 30. He was born in Nottingham, England and was the progenitor of all the Fitz Randolph’s in this country.
Randolph means house wolf and is of Teutonic origin. The name is now generally written Randolph or Randall.
Edward was among the earliest pioneer settlers who responded to the first governor in 1665 to settle Olde East New Jersey. Nathaniel, son of Benjamin, son of Edward says his grand father came to America with his parents in 1629-30 from Nottingham. That he removed to Piscataway in 1668 with all of his children except Hannah and Mary and that he and his wife died there, he being 80 and she 93 years old.
Planters of the Commonwealth p.73
An Edward Fitz Randolph of Sutton in Ashfield, Nottingham to Scituate in Winthrop Fleet – 1630. Edward Fitz Randolph, his wife and their children were of the most prominent families of Piscataway and Woodbridge, New Jersey. The name was varied by dropping the Fitz, running the name together, using only Randolph also Randall. He was among the earliest pioneer settlers, who responded to the invitation of the first government in 1665 to settle there. Uniting with the associate planters were John Fitz Randolph and his brothers Thomas, Joseph and Benjamin, all children of Edward the immigrant progenitor, who came to New England about 1630. No strain of blood in New Jersey had more virility or force than the Fitz Randolph-Blossom Blood.
First Settlers of Woodbridge vol. 3
Boston Transcript Nov 2, 1932 (5482)
A magna charta line has been traced through the Fitz Randolph line of New Jersey. The sureties are Saire de Quincy Roger Bigod – Richard de Clare – Gilbert de Calre – John de Lacie – Geoffrey de Mandeville and others. N.C.R.G. p. 36 vol. 8,9 N.Y. gen & Biog rec.
Nathaniel Fitz Randolph was a Quaker at Barnstable, Massachusetts, had meetings held at his house until the meeting house was complete in 1713. As a citizen of Woodbridge was rep. 1693. Assistant justice 1688 was chosen guardian of friends children, at his friends death. His four younger brothers descendants are Baptists and Presbyterians at Piscataway.
Visitation of county of Nottingham

Our Fitz Randolph line is extensive, and goes back on mom's chart to the 19th great-grandparents, and then she says "Lots more on Fitz Randolphs."  Clear back to our 39th great-grandfather, Rolf the Norse Conq. born about 860 AD. 
It starts with me, James Horald Lee Jr., whose father is James Horald Lee and whose mother is Jennie May Woodbury.  Dad's father and mother were John Raymond Lee and Annie Eliza Keele, and John Raymond Lee's parents were John Nelson Lee and Melissa Kesiah Rollins.  John Nelson Lee's parents were Francis Lee and Jane Vail Johnson.  Francis Lee's parents were Samuel Lee and Elizabeth Gilham or Gillam.  Francis' wife, Jane Vail Johnson's parents were Jacob Johnson and Mary Elizabeth Edwards.  Jacob Johnson's parents were Jacob Johnson and Anna Vail.  Jacob Johnson's parents were John Johnson Jr. and Abigail Ball.  Anna Vail's parents were Thomas Vail and Sarah Davis.  Thomas Vail's father was John Vail whose mother was Martha Fitz Randolph..and that's where we tie into the Fitz Randolph line.   It goes from Martha Fitz Randolph whose father was John Fitz Randolph whose father was Nathaniel Fitz Randolph whose father was Edward Fitz Randolph and Edward's parents were Edward Fitz Randolph and Ann Allwood according to mom's chart. 

The Fitz Randolph Family History
19 March 2007
The Fitz Randolph Family history is illustrious as can be,
Going back to kings and dukes down to our family,
And millions upon millions have descended from this line,
From 39 great-grandparents, and the privilege is mine
To be one of their descendents, through my own father, dear,
And also my grandfather, this history makes that clear.
His father, John Nelson Lee, was next back in the line,
Whose mother, Jane Vail Johnson, did his soul refine,
Her father, Jacob Johnson, is next one going back,
Whose father's Jacob Johnson, too, I hope you're keeping track,
And then comes John Johnson Jr., and John Johnson Sr.'s next,
Who married Martha Fitz Randolph, I hope you're not getting vexed.
Martha Fitz Randolph's father was John Fitz Randolph here,
Whose father was Nethaniel Fitz Randolph, and the end isn't even near,
His father's name was Edward, my ninth great-grandfather, who
Had many more ancestors, I'd like to share with you,
Alas, this isn't possible, at least, not at this time,
Besides my brain is too perplexed, I'm running out of rhyme.
But you may check it out yourself through the Family History Center,
Just by going online, this data thus to enter,
And you will be amazed to see much more than I have shared,
And you may connect yourself with them, showing that you cared,
For there is so much more to see, and so much more to learn,
About our noble ancestors, and now it is your turn.
Jim Lee
Son of James Horald Lee and Jennie May Woodbury, and
ninth great-grandson of Edward Fitz Randolph and Elizabeth Blossom

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