Monday, July 18, 2011

Lee-Bickley reunion, July 14-16th 2011, Bickley is Grandma Lee's mom's maiden name. Jane and William are her parents and they are who the Bickleys are.

Irene Otterson's car
Rosanne Orgill and Jennie Otterson happy to see each other after such  long time no see
Jennie Otterson and mom Irene
Stuff for the auction, I bought those baby blanket sleeping bags
Jim and Betty Lee
Gary Otterson bought his dad's 10,000 year old fossil  at the auction
Roy Buhler bought a 3 legged stool at the auction
The auctioneer
Steve Naylor is having way too much fun
Irene Otterson helping Sheri Naylor out with a song, "Ol Gradies Goat"
Two girls that were showing me their sparkle faces and eating up some cake
Planning their song for the program
One of the relatives waiting for his part on the program, he sang a couple of cute songs
Sisters and daughters singing a song their grandmother wrote
One of the relatives helping out with the auction, she knew Ruby and Irene and Jim and would come to the house in American Fork and play a lot with them.
Nice pose
Smiles for the camera
Jim Lee reading one of his poems that he wrote for the Bickley reunion
Jim Lee and Gary Otterson singing a song together, "A poor ol slave has gone to rest"
Son of Helen, (the reunion organizer) and his wife, he did the auction on Sat and did a great job
Another relative helping out
A clogger and dancers did a great job on the program
Cute dance from the girls
More smiles for the camera
Gary Ottersons wife Sharlene watching Gary sing
Ralph  Lee's son just bought a sword at the auction to hang over his new fireplace
Irene gets a hug and a couple of songs
Sheri Naylor helping out the next performer
Cute song on the 50 states by cousins
cousins just finishing up their song "Twinkle little star" and getting a hug to each other after
The next auction item, I think Gary Otterson bought this one
This is a picture of the sword that Rosanne Orgill bought,nice
The next item up for auction
A short 7 min video of all the fun

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