Tuesday, May 31, 2011

At the Cemetery

1 June 2011

I went to the cemetery where dad and mom were laid to rest,
To place flowers on their grave, for I was truly blest,
To have them as my parents, and missed them, oh so much,
And missed their care and keeping, and missed their tender touch.
And pondered in my heart of hearts the things they’d said and done,
While they were here, alive and well, and thought of their victories won.
And all they did accomplish, while living here on earth,
And the legacy they left behind, of great eternal worth.

They left their footprints in my heart and on my next of kin,
My children and grandchildren, and they also helped me win
Life’s battles that I had to face, and taught me how to be
More like our Elder Brother, who died for you and me.
And though they’ve gone to heaven, to dwell with God above,
I can’t forget their lovelight, and their eternal love,
Which they each shared with me while here upon this earth,
To help me gain salvation, and improve my true net worth.

God placed them here upon the earth so many years ago,
So they could raise a family, and share their afterglow,
Which they received from Father, before their mortal birth,
Which they, in turn, shared with us, to help us gain great worth.
And though I am not perfect, I’m trying here to be
The kind of child that they would want with them eternally,
And hope you feel the same way about our parents dear,
Who lived to bless us with their love with every passing year.

For they both wore their lives out, through all their days and years,
To teach us truths eternal, and wipe away our tears,
And they exemplified the teachings of God, and Christ, the Lord,
And did their best to teach us, not seeking a reward,
But seeking to do Father’s will, and striving here to be
The kind of parents God would want with Him eternally,
And they are waiting anxiously for us to join them there,
Where Springtime is forever, and skies are always fair.

God bless me and God bless them, and each and every one,
Whom they call their posterity, each daughter, and each son,
And each and every grandchild, and great-grandchild, too,
Whom they both loved so dearly, and that’s including YOU,
And may we be found worthy to join them up above,
And feel their arms around us, and feel their precious love,
And may we each remember their love for you and me,
And honor them with flowers at the Memorial Estates Cemetery.

And may our children and grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, too,
Join us in the “afterlife” to help our dreams come true,
For that’s what life is all about, and why God sent us here,
And why we all have families who to our hearts are dear,
And we have all been given the responsibility
To teach them truths eternal, preparing them to be
Our children, not for just this life, but in the realms above,
To join our Father’s family, through His Eternal Love.

May we do so I humbly pray in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

With much love.

Jim and Betty Lee
Dad and mom

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