Thursday, February 3, 2011

Heart Thoughts by Jim - My Daddy

Dear friends and family: In looking through my mother's picture album I found this picture of my daddy and me and my older brother, Blaine, and younger sister, Jennie at the beech. It fits my poem about my daddy. Have a great day, and know that you are loved. Your friend and brother. Jim
My daddy and me at age 2
My Daddy
My daddy was a gentle man
Whose heart was in his smile,
And when he was around me,
I always felt "in style."
He seldom ever raised his voice,
Or said an unkind word,
And never liked to gossip
About the things he'd heard.
He always seemed so willing
To lend a helping hand,
And never asked for others
To come and take command.
He always knew just what to do,
And did it with a smile,
And never grumbled at the task,
Though others did a while.
I'm glad he taught me how to work
Before he passed away,
And how to take it on the chin
When things were dark and gray.
I'm glad his battle's over,
Though mine has just begun,
And thank the Lord with all my heart
That I could be his son.
James Horald Lee Jr.
Heart Thoughts by Jim

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