Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happiness is a Choice,Here is a poem which my sister, Jennie Adam wrote back in 1997,

Dear friends and family: Here is a poem which my sister, Jennie Adam wrote back in 1997, while we were on our mission to Romania, and I wanted to share it with you today, as a reminder to you and me that “Happiness is a choice.” May we choose to be happy each day as my sister said, is my humble prayer. Your friend and brother. Jim

Happiness is a Choice

21 April 1997

Happiness is a choice that we all make each day,

By deciding how we want to live,

And what we want to say.

It isn’t those around us who decided what we will be,

But we, ourselves, choose each day

How we’ll spend eternity.

The daily life adventures we find when we awake,

Are ours to bless and gladden

As carefully we make

The choices that will help us in joy or sorrow live,

For we alone determine

What each day will give.

We can’t control the circumstance where we are placed on earth,

But we control how we respond,

And what our own soul’s worth.

So decide right now to be happy, for you can be a star,

Yes, you can make a difference

And shine right where you are.

God allows us each to choose the sad or glad we feel,

For we can turn the day to bright

And make our gladness real.

If you can touch one life for good and help them realize

That they can make a difference,

‘Twill brighten up your eyes.

Happiness can be chosen if you will make it so,

And life will be rewarding

As on through time you go.

You can share your gift of joy or sorrow as you choose,

For God has given each the power,

And that we’ll never lose.

Jennie Lee Adam

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