Thursday, January 27, 2011

Here is a very special picture of my grandparents

Patriarch Charles R. Woodbury and his dear wife Agnes, which was taken at their Golden Wedding years ago, and I had written a poem about Grandpa Woodbury when he was a Patriarch and all the wonderful blessings he gave when he was alive. Your friend and brother. Jim


MARCH 1980

My grandpa was a Patriarch, a humble man was he,
He had the gift of healing, to help the blind to see.
People came from all around, the sick, the lame and others,
He blessed them through the Priesthood, and treated all like

He never turned a soul away, and many children healed,
By faith and prayer and fasting, and by God's power sealed,
So many barren women, who never could conceive,
Were given special blessings, and afterwards would leave.

Their letters came within a year, about a baby boy,
Or girl that was born to them, this brought my grandpa joy.
There were so many miracles that he performed on earth.
He cheered the widows and the sad, and made each feel more worth.

He never had much money, his home was humble, too,
His wealth was treasured friendships, and stars and skies of blue.
His name was Charles R. Woodbury, and Agnes was his wife,
He treated her just like a queen, they were sweethearts all their

She wrote the blessings that he gave, recording every word,
And many hearts were gladdened by the messages they heard.
He never became famous, though thousands loved him so,
He touched the lives of all he knew by his radiant Gospel glow.

He truly knew the Savior, and showed it every day,
He gave the honor to the Lord, now he has gone away,
To mansions up in heaven, which he built by his deeds,
He gave a life of service, fulfilling others' needs.

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