Saturday, January 29, 2011

Hello to Uncle Jim:

I received word earlier this evening that my brother Blaine had passed away -- at home.

His medical problems had worsened this week. Losing sight in one eye because the white blood cells were not removing waste material -- and a steroid shot in the eye. Diabetes -- his blood sugar shot up in one day to nearly 400. Experiencing dizziness, and high blood pressure. The pressures and stresses of business lectures around the world (he was to go to Malaysia next week for 3 weeks.) And the financial strain on some poor real estate investments. I had been working with him over the phone and through e-mails on some business problems. I last talked to him Wednesday night after he had consulted an attorney on the same problems, and it seemed we had a plan of attack worked out. Mom had fixed him a special diabetic dinner, which he enjoyed. Andrea had e-mailed him, and received an answer back.

Then mom didn't hear from him on Thursday, and became worried Thursday night. She sent dad up to his house in Pleasant Grove to check on him because he had not answered his phone all day -- or e-mails. Mom was worried to the point where she even put together an obituary. You know how she gets "feelings" about things -- as they are happening, or before they happen. No one answered, and dad assumed he was just gone. All day Friday -- again no response. Finally late this afternoon mom called one of his neighbors and asked him to check. I guess he went through a window and found his body. His bed had been turned down, and it appeared as though he had maybe got up to use the bathroom. He was slumped on the floor with his head on the foot of the bed -- his arms across his chest. Mom said he had a most peaceful look on his face. She was so glad that she got to see him, as she had always felt sleighted at dad's death that she never really got to see him after he died -- or be with him, or have a say in what went on. She now feels at peace, and can "let go," and let Blaine's family take over from here.

Although the body was found just today -- the medical examiner said he had been dead at least 24 hours or more, so he could have died Friday, or even Thursday.

Just wanted to let you know. The two Blaines are together again -- I'm sure happily rejoicing. Especially after learning from all of Great Grandpa Woodbury's stories on the Spirit World. And I remember reading the Blessing that Blaine had given to Grandpa Lee (your dad) just before he passed, releasing him from this life. Yes, I'm sure there is much happiness going on on the other side.

I know that you will be getting up in a few hours. I know and pray that you will be inspired to write some type of tribute poem that expresses all our feelings to a much loved brother -- feelings that we have, but do not know how to express. I pray for you to have that inspiration.

Much Love,


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